Author Chat w/ Colette Bancroft!

On today’s episode, we talk to Colette Bancroft, editor of the collection Tampa Bay Noir, which contains new stories from Lori Roy, Tim Dorsey, Lisa Unger, and other great authors. Colette is the Tampa Bay Times book editors, so we also chat about the upcoming Times Festival of Reading.

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Times Festival of Reading will go virtual for 2020” — Tampa Bay Times

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Notable Quotable

Tampa Bay Noir Chat!

When you get lonely, read a book. If you read regularly, you won’t have time to get lonely.” – Gramel

“In this collection, there are a lot of guns hitting things. There’s a lot of interesting and creative ways of dying.” – Tyler

Colette Chat!

“In Tampa Bay, there are a lot of really good writers. So, I had a good field to choose from. I could have had an anthology with 50 writers in it, but the press’s limit is 15.” – Colette

“Before I was a journalist, I got a master’s degree and did PhD work in English and when I was working on my PhD, focused on crime fiction. The dissertation I never quite finished is about the crime fiction writer Raymond Chandler, he’s kind of one of the founding fathers of American crime fiction and he’s not exactly a noir writer himself, but he often kind of moves in that direction. And, so I like the style of a lot of noir writers, to the kind of dark way that they look at the world.” – Colette

“Right at the Tampa end of the Gandy bridge, that used to be called Rattlesnake. There was a rattlesnake post office at that intersection. And it was named that because long ago, there was actually a rattlesnake canning plant located there and that’s in the story to where they would catch rattlesnakes and cook them and put the meat in cans and sell it at tourist stops along the highways.” – Colette


I always think it’s, you know, real to have a hurricane mentioned because we have hurricanes. That’s part of our life in Florida.


That’s right. That’s the story “Jackknife” by Danny Lopez. And it starts at the Mons Venus strip club in Tampa with a stripper and an ex-cop falling in love. And then it ends in Gibsonton you know, the circus town with a hurricane. I wrote him back and I said, you have the Mons Venus, Gibsonton and a hurricane. That’s the trifecta of noir.

“One of the advanced reviews that the book got in Kirkus Reviews; it said that my story was perhaps the most disturbing story in the collection. And given what the kind of literature this is, I was really proud of that.” – Colette

“The Times Festival of Reading is going to be virtual this year. We just thought it probably wasn’t a good idea to get 5,000 people together, you know, at a live book event, so we’re doing everything virtually and recording interviews with authors.” – Colette

“I’m finding another silver lining to doing the festival [virtually]. It’s easier to get people because I’m not asking them to be here on a certain day. I’m just asking them to come online for an interview sometime between August and October. I’m getting people I’ve wanted for years and haven’t been able to get before. I think we’re going to have a really great lineup this year because of that.” – Colette

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