Jennifer Webb!

In this episode, we talk to Jennifer Webb about the work she’s been doing during the pandemic, Florida politics, books, and a little bit about alligators.

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“Children are our future and deserve every opportunity to learn and reach their full potential.” — Twitter, @jenniferwebbfl

Notable Quotable

“We were living in Massachusetts at the time, and two of our friends from Provincetown said Oh, all the girls live in Gulfport.” — Jennifer

“[During the pandemic,] I spend all my time helping people get their unemployment and fighting for people and connecting them to resources so they can get food.” — Jennifer

“In real communities, it’s just meeting people where they are, and loving them and hoping that they’re their best selves. You know, it’s not letting people fall through the cracks.” — Jennifer

“When I get up every morning, I try to remember and I do, I’ve been doing it a couple years now, to write down five things I’m grateful for. So I start the day, you know, in a good in a good mood. And that does help. And when the when the COVID started, and there was so many things, we have no control over anymore. And I said, Alright, I’m gonna have control over being organized, which actually only means putting on a bra in the morning.” — Gramel

“We need a government that we can count on. And we don’t have that. And it’s so apparent in every different way possible. We’ve got a lot of work to do.” — Jennifer

“I want to leave Florida better than I found her. I want real families in Florida stronger, I want to make their day just a little bit easier.” — Jennifer

“At my readings, people always either want to talk to me about recovery or alligators.” — Tyler

“Whenever I could go out and talk to crowds, I would be giving my stump speech and I would talk about things that you think would be really boring, like investing in infrastructure and you know, like making sure that we’re not dumping waste into our water. People would cheer and then I would talk about mental health and suicide and addiction and the room would go quiet. But as soon as I stepped off the stage and out of the limelight, that’s the only thing that people want to talk about. And I have not met a family who has not been impacted by either mental health issues or by substances, either within their family or close friend circle.” — Jennifer

“I’m ending everything with, if you need help, give my office a call. It doesn’t just have to be with unemployment insurance. We have tons of resources, we update them all the time. We will maintain anonymity will give you the resources so you don’t even have to give us your information. But give me a call my personal cell phone is 727-320-6275.” — Jennifer

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