In this episode, we talk about controversies in retirement communities, discuss the mental health aspects (and dramatics) of karaoke, and chat with retiree Bernadette, a snowbird and premiere square dancer.

Notable Quotables

I’m talking the blue pill. I believe that there’s a lot of experimenting going on [in the retirement community] because maybe men might have time on their hands that they haven’t experienced before in their life. — Gramel


Gramel: Bernadette will be the man in square dancing and different things.She can fix a fence. She just told me she’ll fix my bathroom baseboards. She recently fixed somebody’s toilet. 

Tyler: I’m glad that you’re friends because I can’t do any of that.

Gramel: Uh huh. Like, I don’t already know that? 


Episode’s music from YouTube’s Audio Library

Intro: “The Fur Purrrade,” The Whole Other

Transitions: “End of Summer,” The 126ers  & “Pink Sunrise,” The Great North Sound Society

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