In this episode, we talk about controversies in retirement communities, discuss the mental health aspects (and dramatics) of karaoke, and chat with retiree Bernadette, a snowbird and premiere square dancer.

Notable Quotables

Segment 1

I’m talking the blue pill. I believe that there’s a lot of experimenting going on [in the retirement community] because maybe men might have time on their hands that they haven’t experienced before in their life. — Gramel

Florida seems to also attract people that maybe weren’t a certain way in their hometown, and their home state, but they think they can act however they want here. — Gramel

Segment 2

Dr. Michael Rosen wrote that singing on or off key improves breathing, and that’s good for many parts of your body and brain. The benefits of karaoke are far reaching, singing, relieve stress and boost self-esteem and confidence, while also building social connections. All major life acts centers, plus families that karaoke together, build bonds and banish conflicts. I think that’s one of the reasons why, you know, I put you in a good mood and singing you don’t want Get to do much public singing unless you’re at karaoke or church.

We didn’t have a car radio. So when we went on trips, Daddy would say, Margie, you saying so and so Lula, which is my mom, you think such and such Mars, my brother, you think that you know all of y’all together things such as such. That was how I was raised. And I learned songs from my mother having a radio after when I was almost a teenager for the first time. And but I also so I’ve always liked to sing, but you lose your inhibitions as you get older. And that’s a good thing in many, many ways. — Gramel

I’ve been in recovery now for nine years. I remember one of the moments that I knew that I would be able to still have fun in recovery was when I sang karaoke. I had only ever done karaoke while drinking. When you quit drinking, you have to kind of relearn how to have fun I thought I would never be able to have fun again at karaoke , because you know, it has a lot of eyes on you and it can be intense in its own way. I sang Ricky Martin’s “Livin La Vida Loca.” And I killed it. I was like OK, I can still have fun in sobriety. I can still do the thing. — Tyler

If you want to go where there are some good singers, you need to go to gay karaoke. Let me tell you that. — Tyler

If you’re finding a karaoke place fine, which suits your personality and your mood, because there’s a lot to choose from out there. If you don’t like one go to another one. — Tyler

Segment 3

A lot of people when they retire, they just sit down. And that’s it. They don’t ever do anything. I think that’s such a waste. You know, you need either volunteer your time, or help somebody. There’s always somebody that you can help or something you can do, and try to learn something new all the time because I think it’s important to keep learning. That’s very important too. You kind of got to get out of your box. I think that’s what like makes life worth living. — Bernadette

I love to line dance. I love to square dance. I I love karaoke. I love gardening. Right now, I’m painting all the little concrete figurines that I have outdoors. I sent your grandmother picture two little guys that painted and since then I’ve painted a gnome and a dog and and a sunflower and I’m painting a great big fan of yellow roses. I love to mow the yard. I have a big zero turn lawnmower. It’s a huge 52 inch deck . I love fishing. We don’t get to go fishing as much as what I’d like to do because we don’t have a boat. We’ve been trying to find one but they’re just kind of high and everybody’s buying a new one and they want a small mint for their old ones. — Bernadette

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